Flu…. what flu? MTV is here! Article by Elaine Attard, The Malta Independent, 09th July 2009

lady gagaWhat a night. Flu or no flu, the Isle of MTV Malta special was still a hit despite the fears of the dreaded flu putting a dampener on things.The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Metro Station and Esmee Denters were the protagonists of this the third; Isle of MTV.There were worries during the week that the event would not draw the crowds expected due the fear of catching the much dreaded AH1NI flu, but a thronging crowd partied the night away on the granaries in Floriana.Fifty thousand people were expected to attend the concert and people started gathering in Floriana by early afternoon. The area was closed off for traffic in the morning and remained so. There were a few people wearing masks, but it was the exception rather than the rule.Before yesterday’s rocking performance, a press conference was held at the Hotel Excelsior in Floriana for journalists to meet the artistes due to perform. The whole music week also attracted a number of foreign journalists to the islands, a result of which was a much needed accommodation boom for Valletta hotels.

Before the concert started, off-stage presenter Gemma Charles said she was excited about presenting the event in Malta, adding that it was her first visit in Malta and now intends to return for on holiday .

Apparently, all the performers had their make up done by Maltese make up artists. Metro Station make up artist, Jessica Mamo, said she was ecstatic when she was offered the opportunity. “It feels good to have Maltese talent embedded in the production of such a high value event,” said Ms Mamo.

Black Eyed Peas…

a Maltese


‘pig nights’…

and the

King of Pop

Apl.de.ap (yes, that’s his stagename), said he was impressed by Malta’s history adding that it is a lovely place.

Band member Fergie revealed that her fashion stylist’s family is of Maltese origin – Chris Psaila’s grandparents are Maltese.

Fergie was stunned by the way Maltese people complimented her on Facebook. She said that she does work hard to keep up her good looks and exercising at the gym, but she admitted that she likes the occasional ‘pig night’. “Size zero does not exist and starving doesn’t work for me,” said Fergie.

They said their latest album is inspired by underground dance clubs and the songs are aimed at getting people to dance.

Lady Gaga… masks…

hermitage… porn… and

sex shops for clothes…

Always the eccentric, Lady Gaga turned up at the press conference wearing two black plastic tubes overlapping each other on her face… calling it… “a contemporary art hat”. She swiftly allayed suspicions of it being a ‘flu guard’.

She said her look was inspired from ‘Jack the Reaper’ and she currently goes for clothes available in sex shops.

“It was a remarkable year. Very few people knew who I was until a year ago. Malta holds a special place in my heart,” said Lady Gaga.

Speaking of the late King of Pop, Lady Gaga said, “I don’t know what world I am making music to any more without Michael Jackson.”

When a journalist called her provocative, she said she in herself is not provocation, and that interpretation lies within the viewer or listener. She says she has no regrets of posing topless for a magazine recently.

Lady Gaga, regarded as somewhat a hermit, said she doesn’t mind living an isolated life because she is totally committed to her music. “I prioritise things differently,” she went on.

“My music is about making fans feel egocentric and good about themselves,” went on Lady Gaga… adding that she gets inspiration from good books, photos, fashion, moonlight, sex and pornography.

Metro Station… romantic… wild…

and sexy

Malta is romantic, wild, sexy and a paradise according to Metro Station band members.

The band members spent the night before the concert clubbing in Paceville. The four men band said, “St Julian’s is fun and we might came back but we cannot have holiday for now.”

Speaking of their musical highlights they said that everyday is a good day as long as you “are playing good music with your best friends”.

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