Registration of Doctors & Dentists in Malta

The Medical Council is the competent authority for the registration of Doctors and Dentists in Malta.  It is not the competent authority for employment matters.

Please find a brief outline of the procedures:

1) First one must be granted registration as a MD.  An application form and a set of explanatory notes may be provided upon request.  Authenticated copies may be scanned and sent by email or by mail.  Having a duly filled application form and all the documents listed, the Medical Council will discuss the case and inform the applicant accordingly;

 2) After registering with the Medical Council, if one is a specialist, one must then apply with the Specialist Accreditation Committee (SAC).  An email is to be sent to the Registrar SAC;

3) For employment within the Public Service, one may visit:

Usually practitioners whose primary qualification is not from an EU-Country are usually asked to sit for an examination.  These are the conditions:

 The exam is usually held during the last week of March and September.  It consists of an interview (oral) in the following subjects:

1.         Family Medicine

2.         Public Health

3.         Medicine

4.         Paediatrics

5.         Obs and Gynae

6.         Surgery

7.         General Pathology

8.         Psychiatry

 One must produce a copy of the first degree in medicine and a good standing certificate from the competent authority where a Medical Practitioner is registered.  Price for the exam is €1,170.

 It is recommended that one studies the 5th year syllabus which may be found on the University Of Malta’s Medical School website; kindly click here.  Please find all the modules which are covered by M.D. III, IV and V Year students during the Clinical Years.

 The Medical Council abides by the: Health Care Professions Act 2003 Chap 464 found in the Laws of Malta and by the EU Directive 2005/36.

 For further information, kindly contact: and should you require anything whatsoever, kindly contact 77 Great Estates on (00356) 2125 2455; (00356) 9944 7444; skype: info.77greatestates or

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