About Malta

 At the geographical and cultural crossroad between West and East, North and South, Arab and Western Culture in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta – and its smaller sister island Gozo – is ideally situated to act as a commercial hub and stepping base for regional and continental expansion.

Malta is located about 96 km south of Italy and 290 km north of Libya. The capital city is Valletta where our Head Office is located.

Malta, and its two sister islands, boast of pre historical monuments – predating the Egyptian pyramids – and other unique neolithic sites; its architecture dates from Roman to Norman times and from magnificent Baroque edifices to modern structures.

Malta’s history is laced with the glorious story of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St John. Based on its past European culture, Malta is now formally part of the EU (2004). With a strong sound economy (the currency is Euro ” € “) and relatively high social standard of living, Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate with clear blue seas, sun and beaches – sandy and otherwise – and an interesting typical countryside and reputably healthy cuisine. Malta has an area of 246 square kilometers, a population of around 400,000 and 1,200,000 tourists annually. The Maltese are friendly and hospitable. Maltese, English and Italian are spoken fluentlyVehicles drive on the left hand side of the road: public picturesque transport is available. The Maltese real estate, with property enjoying beautiful sea and locally typical scenic views and surroundings, has proven to be an extremely sound and profitable business. Real estate prices have always steadily increased. It is expected that such an investment will retain and increase its value due to the islands limited space.

For further information, kindly contact 77 Great Estates on (00356) 2125 2455; (00356) 9944 7444; skype: info.77GreatEstates or info@77GreatEstates.com.

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