An EU citizen of the EU has 2 options:1st Option:

One may set up residence in Malta, under the “normal” Immigration Regulations (Legal Notice 205/04), whereby EU citizens can set up residence and work in Malta.  The application is vetted and permit issued by the Immigration Office, the Malta Police.  The procedure consists of an application for a residence permit, and an application for an employment licence (or proof of self-employment).

Such a resident will be treated as a Maltese resident for tax purposes, and will pay tax at 35% on income that arises in Malta or is remitted to Malta.

Breaks in residence must not exceed 6 consecutive months.

2nd Option:One may set up residence in Malta under the optional Residents Scheme Regulations (Legal Notice 428/04).  This scheme is administered by the Expatriates Section of the Inland Revenue Department.  The appropriate application with supporting documents is to be filed with the Commissioner of Inland Revenue; the Police Authorities will also carry out certain checks.  In this case a reduced personal rate of 15% tax on funds brought into/or income arising in Malta is paid; subject to a minimum annual amount of €4,150.  There are also exemptions/reduced tax on personal effects (including a car) brought to Malta.The main requirements and restrictions:

  • The applicant must have a capital (bank deposits, investments and immovables) worth  €349,406, or an annual income of €23,293.  
  • Brings into Malta a minimum annual amount of  €13,976 (plus €2,329 for each dependant).
  • Within a year of taking up residence, the resident permit holder is required to either lease a premises at a rent of not less than €4,150 per annum, or purchase a house of not less than €116,468 or an apartment of not less than €69,881.  There is no minimum stay requirement.
  • The exercise of a profession, occupation, or any employment or engagement in trade/business is prohibited.
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