Superyachts bring touch of class to Grand Harbour Marina-Article from Times of Malta by Juan Ameen

By Mark Zammit Cordina

Sleek and luxurious, the multimillion dollar superyachts berthed in Grand Harbour Marina at Vittoriosa are richly furnished floating homes equipped with the latest technology and powerful engines. Ranging from the 77-metre long Samar, and the 75-metre long Anastasia to the 33-metre long Daniella, the yachts are regular visitors to Grand Harbour, which has had a very busy four months in what is considered to be a dry spell in the boating season. Not only are superyachts powerful but they are also beautifully furnished with the most expensive materials. A French-owned yacht, which just sailed out of an Italian boatyard, had a smooth wooden deck – the smell of freshly cut trees still in the air. Once past the gangplank, the interior of the superyacht is furnished in a soft grey, with pale wood furniture and chrome trimmings. In the huge master bedroom below deck, a flat screen television set and two red pieces of artwork dominate and give a splash of colour to the room while the en suite bathroom, equipped with shower, tub and granite sinks, offers comfort combined with luxury. The first four months of this year have proved to be quite busy for Grand Harbour Marina with bookings for the berthing of 11 superyachts and another three are expected to enter the marina in the coming weeks. “Eleven might seem a small number but we are speaking of superyachts and, economically speaking, these are among the most lucrative sources for the local economy,” marina general manager Ben Stuart said. “Over and above the economic figures, this is about hosting some of the most impressive boats that are usually sailing round the world.” Boats of this size are usually berthed along the main quay underneath Fort St Angelo, which is reserved for the bigger super­­­yachts. “In fact, ours is the only marina fully-equipped to cater for the largest superyachts that can sometimes reach a length of up to 120 meters. Having boats of this size constantly visiting us confirms the marina as a leading destination in Malta and the Mediterranean,” Mr Stuart said.

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