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Verdala International School – Building Bright Futures

July 9, 2010

Verdala International School (VIS) on Malta was founded to meet the needs of those families from overseas who do decide to stay, or Maltese families who seek a different style of education.  Today its unique campus is located inside Fort Pembroke, and its attendant barrack blocks, on the north east coast of Malta.

VIS is a non-profit organization that operates through a Board of Directors. The School’s Board is comprised of an appointee of the U.S. Embassy in Malta, an appointee of the Minister of Education of Malta, three elected parents, and two elected teachers.

VIS students have been awarded places at some of the most well-known and prestigious universities around the world.

For further information, kindly contact 77 Great Estates on (00356) 2125 2455; (00356) 9944 7444; skype: info.77GreatEstates or