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Registration of Doctors & Dentists in Malta

January 19, 2010

The Medical Council is the competent authority for the registration of Doctors and Dentists in Malta.  It is not the competent authority for employment matters.

Please find a brief outline of the procedures:

1) First one must be granted registration as a MD.  An application form and a set of explanatory notes may be provided upon request.  Authenticated copies may be scanned and sent by email or by mail.  Having a duly filled application form and all the documents listed, the Medical Council will discuss the case and inform the applicant accordingly;

 2) After registering with the Medical Council, if one is a specialist, one must then apply with the Specialist Accreditation Committee (SAC).  An email is to be sent to the Registrar SAC;

3) For employment within the Public Service, one may visit:

Usually practitioners whose primary qualification is not from an EU-Country are usually asked to sit for an examination.  These are the conditions:

 The exam is usually held during the last week of March and September.  It consists of an interview (oral) in the following subjects:

1.         Family Medicine

2.         Public Health

3.         Medicine

4.         Paediatrics

5.         Obs and Gynae

6.         Surgery

7.         General Pathology

8.         Psychiatry

 One must produce a copy of the first degree in medicine and a good standing certificate from the competent authority where a Medical Practitioner is registered.  Price for the exam is €1,170.

 It is recommended that one studies the 5th year syllabus which may be found on the University Of Malta’s Medical School website; kindly click here.  Please find all the modules which are covered by M.D. III, IV and V Year students during the Clinical Years.

 The Medical Council abides by the: Health Care Professions Act 2003 Chap 464 found in the Laws of Malta and by the EU Directive 2005/36.

 For further information, kindly contact: and should you require anything whatsoever, kindly contact 77 Great Estates on (00356) 2125 2455; (00356) 9944 7444; skype: info.77greatestates or